Today David is addressing one of the most common questions when it comes to selling your house! Is it better to leave a house vacant or furnished when you go to sell your house? David's response is always the same: It is better to sell your house staged, with furniture! Why is that? Studies show that vacant houses sell for less money and take longer to sell. Vacant houses often feel cold, stale and less attractive. When you go to sell your home you want the buyer purchasing your home to "fall in love" with it. Furniture makes the home feel warmer and allows the buyer to envision the space better. 

In the event that you must move out immediately and leave the house vacant to show, there are 3 options you can implement to sell your house for a better price and in a shorter time frame!

1. Lightly stage it: This means adding pops of color and small items such as, towels in the bathroom or plants in the corner of the living room to make it feel less empty.

2. Hire a staging company: There are lots of companies available that bring their own furniture and will stage the house in an appealing manner. You do not need to stage the whole house! You can pick the most important rooms such as: master bedroom, family room, and dining room, and have them furnished to give the buyers a better feel for the space and the house!

3. Virtual staging: There are companies that can make rooms look like they have real furniture. These pictures are used for online purposes. Since most buyers look at the pictures online prior to seeing the property in person, they would already have a good idea of how the space can be used before seeing it vacant in person. 

Properly staging your house rather than leaving it vacant will allow your house to consistently sell for more money and in a shorter period of time!!


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