6 Reasons why you would want to work with The Miller Realty Group in buying your next Home


#1 Dedicated Buyer Specialist

Typically when you call on a property you are speaking to an agent who handles both the listing and buying activities in their business. When you purchase a home with The Miller Realty Group you are always working with a dedicated Buyer Specialist who only works with buyers just like you!

Since they don't have to worry about any of the listing activities (taking pictures, loading websites, loading MLS, making flyers, etc.) they are able to invest 100% of their time in getting to know the inventory of homes which are currently available on the market as well as the ones which are coming onto the market. This means that once they know what you are looking for they can usually bring you to just the cream of the crop homes so you won't be wasting your time looking at properties which you don't want to see! On average our buyers only see 5 homes before they find their dream home! 

#2 View Properties not found on MLS

In a tight real estate market it's important to be partnered with a REALTOR who can not only show you properties which are on MLS but also find properties which have not hit the market yet. At The Miller Realty Group since we list so many homes our buyers who are working with us always get first shot at them prior to them being put on MLS. This means that you are able to view a home prior to the other 12,000 REALTORS and their buyers finding out about which gives you a competitive advantage.

#3 Consultative Selling

Rather than just waiting for you to tell us what properties you want to see, we actually find out what's important to you about buying your next house first prior to showing you any homes. If you think about it, whats important to you should be important to us as well. Then by using our experience, expertise, and market knowledge; we put together a game plan on how we are going to help you find your next dream home in a timely fashion. Rather than you doing all of the work in finding your next home, 90% of our buyers are brought to homes that we are able to find for them. Let us do the work for you!  

#4 Hassle Free Closing Process

Finding your dream home is just half the battle! Once you go under contract, that's when the fun really begins! You have the home inspections, WDO inspections, appraisal, survey as well as many other task which need to be completed prior to closing. To ensure that your closing process is Hassle Free you will have a dedicated Closing Coordinator who follows tried and true processes to ensure that you get to the closing table.   

#5 We go above and beyond to help you find your next Home!

If there is a certain neighborhood that you are wanting to purchase a home in and there are currently no homes available? Rather then waiting for one to pop up on MLS, we will aggressively find that home for you. We do this by either calling or sending letters to all of the neighbors within the neighborhood looking for home owners who are thinking about selling their home. This has allowed many of our past clients the opportunity to not only move into their dream home but also move into a neighborhood they also wanted to move into.

#6 We can show you any property which is For Sale

Let's be clear! We can show you any home which is currently for sale!! It doesn't matter if you are wanting to see listings from XYZ Realty Company, New Construction homes, or even homes which are trying to be sold by owner. We can represent you and help you purchase any home you are wanting to buy in Central Florida.

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