5 Step Senior Transition Program


The Miller Realty Group has been working with families within Metro Orlando for over 11 years with their real estate needs.  Over that period of time they we had started to notice there was a trend towards the adult children of seniors helping their parents make the transition from their home into a more appropriate living situation such as an assisted living community. 

Over the past few years we’ve helped many seniors make the transition and what we’ve noticed is that there are a few hurdles in the way of them making a smooth transition. What we’ve seen happen is the senior, either on their own or by the urging of their family, come to the realization that it’s time to make a move. They come and look at an assisted living community and after seeing all that it has to offer and possibly even seeing some friends that live there, they get excited about the opportunity. 

Then, they get back home and they get to thinking about it. They start thinking about all the personal belongings in their home. They start thinking about what to bring with them and what to leave behind. They start thinking about what to do with the items they cannot bring. Who will get them? What does the family want? What happens with the remainder of the items? 

Then they start thinking about their home and all the projects they’ve put off over the years. Who can they call and trust to come do these projects. Which projects do they even need to do? What if they don’t have the cash on hand to do the projects?  Lastly they start thinking about the actual logistics of making a move. The packing, the moving, selling the house....very quickly their excitement becomes overwhelming and they become paralyzed. And when they become paralyzed they make the decision to do nothing which is typically not in their best interest.

Over these years we’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again. As a result we’ve come up with a solution that allows the senior to stay excited about the move and allows us to shoulder the burden of working out all the details. 

We’ve created a 5 Step Senior Transition Program which is basically similar to a concierge service. What we know is that seniors are very wary working with more than one person since they are very untrusting of people with good reason. What we also know is even if we refer the senior to all the necessary people to help them, they might call them once or they might not ever call them and the process drags on possibly even putting them at further risk. 

What we do, which is unique to us, is that we manage the entire process from start to finish for the senior. This means the senior only has one point of contact and we manage the rest. We’ve put together a top notch team of organizers, estate sellers, trades services, moves, packers, basically anyone that would be needed to help make the transition. We’ve broken the plan down into five simple steps: 

 The 5 Step Senior Transition Program

Step 1: Initial Consultation: We will set up an appointment to meet with you and provide a complimentary home evaluation. Once the home evaluation is complete, we will come up with a comfortable action plan for your desired time frame.

Step 2: Getting Organized: Once we have derived a comfortable action plan, we have to determine what the senior is going to take with them and what they are going to leave behind.  If needed, our professional organizers can help the seniors with these tough decisions.  They can even help them pack.

Step 3: Taking Inventory: After it is determined what items will be taken to the new place, the seniors have to decide what they would want to do with everything which is remaining.  They could do an estate sale, they could donate it, or they could even do a clean out.  In either senior we have a preferred vendor who could help them do it!

Step 4: Preparing the Home for Sale: Before the senior invest any money into their house we will let them know what items we would recommend what they should do to get their home in top showing condition.   If they decide to do so we have a list of trusted vendors who could help with the cleanings, home repairs, and any other services which may be needed. 

Step 5: Marketing & Selling the Property: In order to get the most amount of equity out of their house we would then pug their house into our marketing machine to expose their house to 100% of the buyers in the market place utilizing the best technologies.  Through our robust marketing program our listings on average sell for more than 1-4% than the average in Orlando (sold vs list price) and they also typically sell far below the average days on market before you get a contract.  

 Again, our goal is to make the process smooth and effortless as possible for the seniors and the adult children. We find that this program can help the senior from becoming overwhelmed and paralyzed and keep them excited about making the move. 

We provide Monthly Seminars on how many of our past seniors have used our Senior Transition Program to help them make the move.

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Client Video Testimonials 

Ms. Hess had a great experience using the organizer to help her get ready to sell her house!


We were able to help these sellers get their home sold for full list price within 27 days! 

If you're wondering why she is so happy, we helped her to sell her home very efficiently! 


Client Written Testimonials 

Especially as seniors, selling one’s long time home and moving into new surroundings is very stressful.  Even though it does not make the top ten stressers, it should. To get through this complex maze of decisions, numerous forms, moving logistics, etc.it is extremely helpful if one has a good support team representing him. David Miller of the Miller Realty Group of Keller Williams Heritage Realty delivers such support to his clients and more. Not only is he a very capable real estate agent who gets results, he is a team player and friend. This helped us immensely in getting through the process. If one needs to sell their home, I sincerely and with confidence recommend David Miller as their real estate agent.

 -Richard- Heathrow, FL 


"When I put my house on the market it was initially scary for me, as I am a disabled senior. I had previously received a post card in the mail from The Miller Realty Group so I held on to it knowing I would eventually give you a call. I did call and was very happy because you took out all of the fear I had initially in moving. At the consultation you showed us what needed to be done to get the house prepared for sale. When we put the property on the market your team set up all of the open houses and we got a buyer. Yet again David and his team through the next steps in the process as well. Thank you! thank you! thank you, for making an otherwise  scary process bearable for me and my family. "